Carpet Repair Abbotsford & Fraser Valley

With countless carpet repair jobs during our 30 years in business, AllStrong Property Services is the company to call for professional carpet repair.

Our Carpet Repair Services Include:

  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet seam repair
  • Carpet sectioning (replacement of burned or stained areas, runs, etc.)
  • Re-installation of carpets (such as when pulled due to water damage)
  • Carpet replacement
  • Carpet fitting

Loose Carpeting

Have you noticed your carpets wrinkling or getting lumpy and loose? Not only is loose carpet unsightly, but it leads to trips, accidents and injuries as well as decreased value should you want to sell your home.

You can find do-it-yourself videos on the internet showing you how to fix stretched carpets yourself. However, stretching carpet is tricky and you would likely have to rent special equipment. The drawback for amateurs is a lack of experience, meaning you are probably not going to do as good a job as a professional carpet technician.

Having us re-stretch the carpet will save time, energy, frustration and money. We will do the job right the first time.

Visible or Frayed Carpet Seams

For a variety of reasons, carpet seams can become visible over time. In addition to detracting from the appearance of a room, this can lead to someone tripping and being injured. And, again, carpet seam repair is another task best left to the skilled professionals at AllStrong. We have the expertise and tools for this.

Holes, Burns, Stains and More

It’s a fact of life: accidents happen. You’re dragging something across the floor and tear a hole in your carpet. Pets can rip or stain your carpet. Burns, spills…the list goes on. Carpet patching is one of our specialties and we do it very well.

We have many ways of restoring damaged carpet. For example, we might remove the damaged section and replace it with another portion of your carpet. That’s called carpet sectioning, and when you have the pros at AllStrong do it, your carpet can look great!

Carpet Replacement and Fitting

There are situations where your carpet may be have to be pulled out but is still in good condition. With flood or water damage for instance, carpet may be pulled for quicker drying; if the carpet is still okay, we can re-install it. Sometimes only part of the carpet is damaged, in which case we can cut it and fit it into a smaller room. Also, if you are going to remove carpet for a restoration or renovation project, we can ensure it is properly re-installed again.

Whatever your reason for carpet repair, just contact us. Send us an email to request an estimate or call us direct at either 604-856-9010 (Abbotsford, BC) or 604-530-9975 (Surrey, Langley or White Rock, BC)