Carpet Stretching

It is not unusual to find carpet developing ripples or ridges. This is could be caused by moving heavy items or re-arranging furniture, but can also be caused by an extreme amount of foot traffic. In some cases, poor installation may be the culprit.

Though rippling may seem like a minor issue, not dealing with it will lead to carpet problems and possibly require replacement of your carpeting. The solution is referred to as carpet stretching.

Carpet Stretching

In almost all cases, carpet that has stretched can be re-fitted or re-stretched to its original condition. It doesn’t cost much to have a professional floor covering technician do the work. In fact, that is the best way to resolve the problem, as a trained technician has the skills and tools for the job.

At AllStrong Services our technicians have the training, tools and experience. That means we do the job right and your place will look great once again.

After restretching carpet we typically cut away excess carpet prior to securing it so that it resists future relaxation. This process is best done when rippling first appears in your carpet, although it is possible to repair extensive bunching too.

Do it Yourself?

While some do-it-yourselfers try to re-stretch carpet on their own, it’s far better to have a carpet pro take care of it. Mistakes made by amateurs can result in permanent damage to the carpeting and sometimes an injury, both of which you want to avoid.

When you have us do the carpet restretching for you, it is done properly. It’s not just a matter of getting a knee-kicker from your local tool rental outlet, even if internet videos make it look easy. This type of work right requires special tools, like carpet knives, awls, tacking strips, power stretchers, high-powered staple guns and so on. And a little experience goes a long way.

AllStrong Home Carpet Stretching Services

We’ve been at this quite awhile, so if you live in the Fraser Valley we are the right guys to call when you need your carpet re-stretched.