Hardwood Repair, Abbotsford, Surrey & Fraser Valley

Hardwood flooring is popular for many reasons. However, even the best hardwood floors are subject to scratches and minor surface damage as well as structural defects. And then there’s that annoying issue: squeaky floors.

It is almost impossible to avoid surface scratches and gouges; the inevitable result of daily wear and tear. And there’s not much you can do to prevent problems with expansion and contraction. Being a natural material, wood expands and contracts with changes to temperature and humidity, which leads to separation, warping and loosening of nails.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be fixed. We are the people to call when it comes to hardwood flooring repairs.

Repair vs. Replacement

We support the reuse and recycling of wood floors. We like to think “green” and want to help our customers become more aware of the advantages of renewing authentic hardwood flooring. Though we learned about wood flooring the old fashion way, we have adopted new techniques to ensure we can offer the best in repairs.

Count on us to make your floors look great!

We repair hardwood flooring that has been damaged in many ways, including fire, pet stains, water stains or simple wear and tear. Sometimes though, the floor can become so badly damaged that repair is simply impossible.

hardwood flooring repair

Replacing Damaged Wood Flooring

If you have badly damaged sections of flooring, it may be necessary to remove and replace it with new pieces.

We have the experience and tools to remove parts of the flooring and replace them with new boards. If exact color matching is impossible due to age, we can stagger boards to even things out. Cracks can be filled to match, the surface sanded and refinished. And we can match your existing floors with new hardwood floors better than anyone else.

What it comes down to is this: most hardwood floor damage can be repaired. Call us for an evaluation and estimate.